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BREATHE. Calm down. Relax. Let loose and have fun. Leave drama and stress behind. We're here to have fun, to tell a good story, and we can't do that if we're preoccupied with other shit.

PG-13. We play this strictly to movie standards. The buck stops at sex. Fade to black, and we're all good. IC cursing is fine as long as it isn't excessive; OOC cursing should never be directed at other members.

ONE ACCOUNT PER CHARACTER. Register a new account for every character. Set your display name to your character's full name.

REAL LIFE FACE-CLAIMS. We accept actors, musicians, models, and other people that have a public image. We don't accept creepy stalker photos of your neighbor.

GOOD TASTE. This is a war site; there will be challenging and triggering content. However, we aren't here to exult in disturbing content. Please keep your disturbing contents literary and tasteful.

DON'T BE A DICK. The usual rules apply. Don't godmod, powerplay, plagiarize, or otherwise do anything that would make a five-year-old ashamed of your existence.

NO WORD COUNT. We ask a general minimum of 100 words and a maximum of 300. More or less is  fine depending on circumstances.

ONE POST PER WEEK. We won't be checking, but try to post at least once per week in each thread you're in. Formal activity checks happen once a month, but you will pass as long as you're here.

LIQUID TIME. While the timeline of war can be significant, we allow liquid time here. You may be in as many different threads as you can handle, but try not to create time paradoxes.
1 account : 1 character
real life face-claims
good taste
don't be a dick
no word count
one post per week
liquid time

Sept 14, 2013 3:33:58 GMT
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SELECT CANONS. Only some canons are open for play here. If a canon is not included on our canon list but could arguably be older than 15-years-old, you may request that we add them. However, we are primarily an OC site.

REGIONS. Your character must have some ties to a region, which gives them certain bonuses. There is no independent faction. If your character is from elsewhere, choose an available region for them to treat as home away from home.

ROLEPLAY > APP. We are not strict when accepting applications. We are more concerned about roleplaying. If we see signs of Mary-Sues, illiteracy, or nonsensical personalities in play, we will send a PM. We expect you to adjust accordingly.

STARTING POKEMON. Noble-born characters and trainers start with two pokemon. Everyone else starts with only one. More pokemon and evolutions can be bought at the shop or won as rewards. Check the pokemon rules for more information.

NO STATS. We have no levels and no stats. We are writers, not mathematicians. Use poetic license and common sense for running battles. Dragonite beats weedle, but here a clever kadabra may beat a stronger steelix. Victors are decided between the players.

WAR SYSTEM. However, we do have a system for handling large-scale battles. We ask that you do not game the system. See our war thread for more information.
select canons
pick a region
roleplay > app
start w/ two pokemon
no stats, no levels
war system
Sept 14, 2013 3:40:19 GMT
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Honor Code
What is this, college? I just signed one of these at orientation! Yes, I know, just deal with it real quick, okay?

We are here for fun. We are here for the good plots and good company. We are here to be a writing community that geeks out over a videogame for kids.

We are not here to play overpowered pokemon masters to curbstomp any that stand in our way. We are not here to "win" battles. We are not here to cheat the system.

We're here to tell a story, together. Let's make it a good one.
respec' yo


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