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OVERPOPULATED. These pokemon are the most uncreative acquisitions you could possibly make. Overpopulated pokemon that pokedex entries describe as violent will be moved straight to rares or banned.

none yet
RARES. The following evolution chains are all rare. Noble characters may start with one rare pokemon. Rare pokemon will be moved to banned if they become overpopulated.
BANNED. These pokemon are unavailable dur to overuse. They may become available after the next activity check.

LEGENDARY. All banned. If you are dying for one in a plot, see if you can find a mod willing to NPC one for you.
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Starting Out
IN GENERAL. Pokemon may start with four moves. They may start with only one egg move. They cannot start with move tutor, TM, or HM moves.

NOBLES. Nobility start with two pokemon, both of which must be of their house's type or will eventually evolve into the house's type. One may be rare. Unless noted in their canon description, they begin with one Stage 1 pokemon and one Basic pokemon.

Note that nobles will never have the ability to train or tame pokemon outside of their house's type beyond Basic stage. Pokemon that do not evolve simply cannot be tamed by them.

TRAINERS. Trainers start with two pokemon of any type. Neither can be rare. Both pokemon may be Stage 1 pokemon. It is unusual for trainers to specialize in a type.

A trainer can acquire rare pokemon; they simply do not start with them except by event reward.

EVERYONE ELSE. Commoners begin with only one pokemon, which cannot be rare. If the pokemon has a baby form, it begins in the Baby stage. Otherwise, it is a Basic pokemon.

Commoners should not start with pokemon known to be very violent.
nobles get 2 pokemon
trainers get 2 pokemon
others get 1 pokemon

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BUYING POKEMON. Specific pokemon may be bought at the store. Fair warning, it is expensive. It's an OOC process; you can choose the story of how your character got their new pokemon.

BUYING EGGS. Cheaper than buying a specific pokemon is buying a pokemon egg. Different egg groups are priced accordingly. Staff will randomly generate you a hatchling.

RANDOM ENCOUNTERS. Cheaper still is buying a random encounter. These are subject to mod availability; we only run so many at a time. Once purchased, you start a thread in your choice of location, and we will throw a wild pokemon of our choice at you.

ABILITIES. Abilities are considered the effects of training and domestication. They can be purchased from the shop.

EVOLUTION. Evolutions are purchased OOCly at the shop. Level-up evolutions are the cheapest, and stone evolutions are the most expensive.

PC STORAGE. Characters are limited to six pokemon. Only Kanto characters have PC storage, which means there is no limit to the number of pokemon they may own.

POKEBALLS. Unless pokemon are small, most trainers and nobles will have less than six pokemon with them at a time. Only Johto characters have pokeballs and may carry all six pokemon with them.
buy pokemon & eggs
buy random encounters
buy abilities
buy evolutions
max 6 pokemon
limited pokemon party
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FOUR MOVES. A pokemon knows four moves. These may be any moves available to that pokemon by level-up. For pokemon that evolve by level-up, they can only know moves up to the point where they'd evolve.

Ex: a charmander cannot learn dragon rage until it evolves into a charmeleon.

ONE MOVE PER POST. As a rule of thumb, one move per turn is standard. A second utility move, such as agility or growth, is generally acceptable.

COMBO MOVES. One attack could technically be two, such as a thunder+iron tail combo. Combo attacks shouldn't be treated as two separate moves or a super move. They're a creative fusion. If you combo, it's best to only use the combo move, no other attacks.

SUSTENANCE. Battles should end; don't drag them out. Dodging ad nauseum and spamming moves like recover is frowned upon. It'd be polite to only dodge once in a battle, and limit usage of moves like wish.

STATUS AILMENTS. We have dice installed, if people wish to randomly decide if status effects fade. If not, they should last about three turns.

STAT BOOSTS. Stat boosting effects shouldn't be treated as a waste of a turn. Let it be understood that if jolteon uses agility, that jolteon is now really fast, capable of dodging more and hitting harder.

WINNING. The players involved in the battle decide who wins based on the course of the battle.
four moves
one move per post
combos are not OP
don't drag out fights
effects last 2-5 posts
buffs are super effective
pick a winner
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This isn't the thread for war battles, but worth noting is how your character's pokemon can effect a large battle.

Your pokemon becomes an abstraction. Every pokemon falls into one of three categories. Your bulbasaur may be a wall, but someone else's may be a sweeper.

You choose your pokemon's role, and once chosen, the category cannot be changed.

The abstractions work in a rock-paper-scissors system. Walls withstand sweeper damage. Sweepers brutalize utility. Utility finds weakness in walls.

WALL. The classic tank; walls are meant to withstand lots and lots of damage. They are resilient, powerfully defensive, and a worthy addition to any battle.

SWEEPER. Damage-dealers, revenge-killers, and glass canons, the sweeper shows up to deliver the hurt. They bring the nukes, the chaos, and the bloodshed to battle.

UTILITY. Leads, clerics, spinners, and every other role that falls outside the unstoppable shield/unbreakable sword paradigm. Good utility pokemon will turn the tide of battle.
pokemon have roles
wall: the tank
sweeper: the assassin
utility: the support


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