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The War system is used only for large-scale battles where entire armies face off against each other.

When the characters and plot reach a point where a war event is necessary, we use the war system.

A mod creates an event info thread in the chosen location. We will list all the characters we know to be participating in the battle.

Staff, with input from the players (and the players' previous rp), will post details regarding the sizes of the armies, the circumstances leadnig up to the battle, and various advantages and disadvantages.

The battle operates in phases. The event thread will announce when a new phase begins. A phase typically lasts a week, but it can be significantly more or less.

During each phase, players involved can (and should!) start their own threads to role-play out their characters' actions in the given phase. It's helpful to tag the thread with [Phase 1] or [P1] to help with chronology.

The battle is resolved when one side chooses to quit the battle. There may be follow-up phases if a clean retreat is impossible.
army battles only
staff post event thread
battle is in phases
phases open for rp
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Setting Up
We use the war system whenever round-by-round post-by-post battling becomes unwieldy, unreasonable, or just plain stupid.

If you have an army (any rag-tag band of faceless NPCs will do), they have an army, and there are over two player characters participating on each side, you can ask staff to start a war battle for you.

Sometimes, there's RP leading up to a war battle. Sometimes, a general loses his temper at a diplomatic function, and his army happens to be chilling outside. Then it's quite clear that a battle is going to happen from the RPing.

Other times, a house may want to spring a surprise attack out of the blue at an enemy. If the players of characters from House Mistralton OOCly decides to House Driftveil in the dead of night, there's no RP leading up to that. In that case, simply let players with Driftveil characters know that a war event will be starting soon.

In a PM thread (or skype/google conference, if that's preferred) between all participants, staff and players involved will figure out the initial details, such as the size of armies, the terrain, and other advantages and disadvantages.

If there are conflicting opinions that are slowing down the process, staff will decide for you. Staff decision can be appealed to, but if the appeal fails, it's final.

Staff will begin an [event] thread in the proper location forum. The event thread will list all the facts and circumstances, as well as the participating characters for each side.
2+ sides fighting
2+ PCs per side
give staff details
staff start event thread
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A war event starts at Phase 0 [P0]. This is the starting point from when staff posts the event thread.

Players may thread out what happens to their characters specifically in threads tagged with the appropriate phase.

To get started on the next phase, a character from every side participating in the battle sends the mod in charge a PM.

The PM explains (preferably in at least a paragraph) what the army does. The player sending the PM also selects one of their character's pokemon, noting it's role and choosing a move to use.

Staff will read over all the PMs we receive. From the information in the PMs, we will decide how each side's actions create the next phase.

The primary factor in consideration is the army strategy. Following that, the choice of pokemon and attack represent a playmaking moment for the character in the battle at large. They may be nullified by the other side's chosen pokemon and attack, or it may turn the tide or close out the battle entirely.

We expect to receive PMs within a week. If you're too busy, let someone else send the PM. If there are delays, such as waiting on the resolution of a phase thread, we can wait up to two weeks. After that, we're going to ask you hurry it up. Taking longer than two weeks defaults the battle.

New phases will continue until the battle is resolved. Characters alternate sending PMs for their side. If there are five characters participating, they each get a turn before the first can go again. If there are only two, they swap back and forth.

The phase system is meant to be flexible. If a new side joins in P3, then we'll just roll an extra side into the battle. If allies show up to offer support (with staff permission), then we roll with that too. If you're not certain about what you can or can't do, ask the mod.
every side sends PM
PM includes:
- army strategy
- one pokemon
- one attack used
- pokemon's role
1 week to send PMs
alternate PMers
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[P0] At least two mods work together to staff an event where House Backstabber surprise attacks House Goodguy during a banquet.

House Backstabber brings around thirty trainers, and they're all ninjas. House Goodguy has about one hundred soldiers without pokemon, as well as ten or so trainers. House Backstabber has two player characters, and Goodguy has five.

The Goodguy characters have a thread where they react to the chaos. The Backstabbers don't feel like threading yet.

[P1] The mods receive two PMs from one Goodguy and one Backstabber.

The Goodguy says that the soldiers immediately  go up in arms in defensive formation around their trainers. The Goodguy chooses a Mr. Mime, a wall, that uses reflect.

The Backstabber says that the ninjas all go for the trainers, prioritizing the head of house if possible. The Backstabber chooses houndour, a sweeper, that uses swagger.

The mods decide that the swagger confuses half the soldiers. However, the reflect protects the Goodguys from half the ninjas' attacks. Only about half of their trainers fall. None of the soldiers are injured.

A Backstabber threads with Lord Goodguy, a personal assassination attempt that fails. The other Backstabber has a mano-y-mano battle atop the banquet table with the Goodguys' favored son.

Neither thread is resolved before a week, but we move onto Phase 2 anyway.

[P2] The mods receive another two PMs, this time from different characters.

The Goodguy PMer initiates the counterattack. They give up the confused soldiers for lost (not very good of them), using them as human shields as the unconfused soldiers and trainers fight back with area-of-effect attacks. He chooses to use Wobbuffet, a sweeper, with mirror coat.

The Backstabber PMer decides it's time for some real property damage. The ninjas pull back to release pokemon with area-of-effect special attacks (he remembers that reflect is up, but not light screen). He chooses to use a Camerupt, a sweeper, with Eruption.

The mods decide that Mirror Coat and Eruption turns the banquet into a funeral pyre. The ninjas are decimated, as are all of the soldiers, but most of the Goodguy trainers survive.

The Backstabbers roleplay out trying to find each other in the blaze, writing a very romantic and touching thread. The Goodguys choose not to thread anything.

[P3] The mods receive PMs again. Because there were only two Backstabber characters involved, the PMer for P1 is up again. A new character sends the PM for House Goodguy.

The Backstabber decides they're going to try killing Lord Goodguy one more time before calling it quits. He chooses Houndour again, a sweeper, with faint attack. He wants to hit, dammit.

The new Goodguy relays that they're giving up the banquet hall for lost, but the remaining player characters bar the exits to cut off any retreat for the Backstabbers. To prepare for an encounter with the surviving Backstabbers and the few ninjas, the Goodguy chooses Slowbro, a utility, that uses Heal Bell.

The mods decide that Lord Goodguy, a player character, is grievously wounded and requires immediate aid. If he were an NPC, he'd be dead. Meanwhile, the rest of the Goodguys successfully trap the Backstabbers inside the burning banquet hall.

In a thread, an attempt to get everyone out alive, the Backstabbers grab the injured Lord Goodguy and demand to be released if they want their lord to live. However, Lord Goodguy's player decides it is time for a dramatic character death, and the Goodguys refuse to accept the Backstabber's terms. They can't trust that the Backstabbers won't just leave and kill their lord anyway. The thread, understandably, takes an extra week to wrap up.

There is no way out for the Backstabbers, not without running into Goodguys with a significant numbers advantage.

(Had the Goodguys let the Backstabbers go in exchange for Lord Goodguy safely returned, the battle would've been resolved there.)

[P4] The mods receive another two PMs. The Goodguys still haven't run out of characters to alternate, but the second Backstabber sends their second PM.

The Backstabber just wants to get out alive. He reports that his character is going out on a suicide rush while the other Backstabber attempts to sneak out. He intends to be as distracting and to appear as dangerous as possible. He uses Vulpix, utility, with roar.

The Goodguy is a clever fellow. He assumes that the Backstabbers will have to break out and run for it. He brings out Solosis, a utility, to use Trick Room. The Goodguys all lie in wait, hoping that the speed inversion will slow down the Backstabbers.

The mods decide that the Trick Room does good work, but it doesn't actually do any work that wouldn't have been done anyway. The suicide rush Backstabber and his vulpix slowly inch out of the burning banquet hall, but the stealthier Backstabber rushes by, making it out safely.

The Backstabber trapped by the Trick Room threads out his capture. Another Goodguy threads a chase scene with the escaped Backstabber.

The battle is over.

If the PMs were sent in a timely fashion, the battle should've been resolved in a bit over a month.


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