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R6R takes place fifteen years before the first pokemon games. Pokemon technology and research is in its earliest stages. Inventions like the pokeball and PC storage are new and rare. Weaponry still favors swords and shields, catapults and battering rams, with inaccurate muskets and flintlocks available in Unova.

Pokemon trainers are honored men of war. They are like knights and often referred to as such. Some of them sworn swords, others wandering ronin, and some are just thugs. If you weren’t born to power, the easiest path to fame is glory and victory as a pokemon trainer, especially in the service of the noble houses. Children remain at home, where it’s safe.

Pokemon are wilder, and mankind lives in a dark age. Through the course of history, the strongest haven risen the top. These are the noble houses: the few, the wealthy, the powerful. Every region hosts three houses. Each house has a signature pokemon type and a long tradition of pokemon battling. They claimed their right to rule by strength and blood.

The lowborn are governed by the nobles. All men are theoretically free, but reality dictates that most are serf-slaves. The farmers work the nobles’ land, the craftsmen labor in the nobles’ shops, and the natural born leaders manage the nobles’ livelihoods. Most people find this an acceptable status quo. With rare exceptions, the houses run a benevolent tyranny, marred only by war.


The six regions are detailed below. You can find own-specific details in the proper board descriptions. Here's just a general overview.

Sometimes, we’ll refer to real places as points of reference; that’s just to help paint a picture. The regions do not parallel any countries or nations in our world. We ask that our members treat the Pokemon World as a full-fledged universe, not an allegory for real life politics or history.
no pokekmon tech
medieval weaponry
unova has guns
trainers = knights
dark age
three houses per region
commoners are serfs
benevolent tyranny
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Home of inventors and at the forefront of technology, Kanto is the most advanced region of them all. They're a far cry from their tradition-bound and downright backwards neighbor Johto.

Rich in stone and minerals, Kanto has built cities out of marble and granite. They've made fortunes from selling evolutionary stones, more prized than any gemstone. The Cerulean River makes transporting goods and communicating between cities simple. Even more densely forested than in the RBY games, Kanto is all dangerous woodland and terrifying caves outside of its cities.

Kanto's noble houses are note-worthy in that they basically get along. They hate each other, but as long as the region advances in great strides, each house peaceably trading information and technology with each other, they exist in an agreeable partnership. This has allowed the Kanto Region to prosper tremendously.

As a culture, they believe nature can be conquered. They are clever, value ingenuity and new solutions, and they believe themselves up to any challenge.

Kanto natives typically appear any variety of East Asian. They're more likely to dye their hair, tan their skin, or dress in wild fashions than their Johto counterparts.
stone, minerals
tons of forest
scary ass caves
noble houses at peace
east asian
Kanto characters have access to the pokemon PC. They are not limited to owning only six pokemon.

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A region that's always held to tradition, Johto is widely considered a picturesque region with lovely towns and stunning cities that date back to antiquity.

Once the center of the world, Johto is a shadow of the past. Considered the birthplace of civilization, it's still a hub of art, dance, music, and learning. Johto still touts rich farmlands, plentiful crop, and the finest foods and liquors in any region. Its towns and cities are littered with ancient shrines, temples, and palaces well preserved to this day.

Johto's noble houses have long been at each other's throats. When the old empire fell, hundreds of houses sprang into existence, their warring come at the cost of the commonfolk's lives. Today, only the greatest and most dangerous have survived. All of them live in a nervous splendor, lazing about in luxury, but they're always on edge for another war.

The people of Johto revere the past and hold their ancestry as sacrosanct. Their heritage gives them pride. They are graceful, educated, and patient.

Johto natives are any variety of East Asian. Black hair and pale skin are still considered most attractive, and they value natural beauty.
birthplace of civilization
art, dance, music
rich land, crops, food
shrines & temples
warring houses
elegant, erudite
east asian
Johto characters have access to pokeballs. They may carry up to six pokemon of any size in pokeballs.
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The tropical region, Hoenn is an exotic unknown. Foreigners consider it a savage land, but nothing could be further from the truth.

The core landmass of Hoenn is a dense forest, dangerous to travel and unforgiving to visitors. The villagers there live as one with nature, many of them as self-sufficient and dangerous as the wild pokemon. In contrast, the shoreline and surrounding islands host friendly, vibrant towns known for selling rare spices, fine china, woven textiles, and damascus steel. Their their skill with advanced medicine, sea-faring, and craftsmanship are second to none.

The noble houses of Hoenn live closely with the commoners. They are more tribal chieftains that know and care for their people than the distant nobility of other regions. The houses don't play well with each other, but they know to avoid unnecessary bloodshed. They only go to war against each other, or against other regions, when transgressions are too great to ignore.

In general, they are a resourceful, resilient people that are deeply in tune with nature. Hoenn islanders values warmth and hospitality, whereas the mainlanders tend to be more xenophobic.

Hoenn natives trend towards darker features, corresponding to various parts of our world: Southeast-Asia, the Mediterranean, and South America are all acceptable for face-claims.
dangerous mainland
vibrant island towns
spices, china, textiles
damascus steel, medicine
friendly islanders
xenophobic mainlanders
nobles like chieftains
south-east asian
south american
Hoenn characters have a deep knowledge of nature and medicine. They may use berries in battle.
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In the distant north, Sinnoh is an ancient and respected region, but one that keeps to itself except in times of war.

While Sinnoh is rich in coal, iron, and gold, the region's income mostly comes from pilgrims and tourists. Besides for numerous holy sites, Sinnoh also boasts a stunning mountain range, tranquil lakes, rustic towns, and cities that cater to the needs of tourists. Considered a romantic retreat out of a storybook, it's a place of safety and solace.

The three noble houses of Sinnoh have withstood the test of time. They have fought few uprisings, most of which are settled peaceably, but the rare few are crushed without mercy. What conflicts they have with each other are civilized games of politics. While assassinations aren't uncommon, they sneer at violence, considering it crass and brutish--but sometimes necessary.

Often romanticized by other regions, the people of Sinnoh live idyllic lives without waste or excess. They are content and unconcerned with then affairs of the rest of the world.

Sinnoh natives run the gamut, but they represent the Eurasian north: Scandinavia, Russia, Mongolia.
coal, iron, gold
holy sites
politics not war
waste not want not
Sinnoh characters have a long history of pokemon training. Their pokemon can switch between roles per battle.
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A proud merchant republic, Unova is an industrial and entrepreneurial giant. With bustling trade cities, Unova is the trade capitol of the world.

Unova merchants go everywhere and anywhere. With deep reserves of natural oil, their zeppelins and steamboats make them kings of inter-region transport. Their architects are ambitious, only recently starting to build stunning bridges and towering skyscrapers. To top it off, they have Pokestar Studios, the juggernaut of the film industry.

The noble houses are commercial titans, operating huge monopolies that drive the economy of the region. While Unova technically has elected leaders and politicians, each politician is only a puppet of a noble house. Operating as cutthroat corporations, the nobles hold the region in a stranglehold. They are the rich that get richer while the poor grow poorer.

They are loud, flamboyant, and productive. The rich show off their wealth, and the poor strive to become rich. The people of Unova believe that hard work and diligence will always pay off.

Originally uninhabited, traders and explorers from all regions eventually populated Unova. People of all sorts can be found here.
merchant republic
oil and steam
aviation, architecture
noble corporations
hard work pays off
no defined ethnicity
Unova characters are used to easy travel. They have free access to all regions.
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3,000 years ago, there was a godking in Kalos, with an empire than spanned the entire region. He is gone, but they say his bloodline lives on, and someday a son will reclaim the abandoned throne. Someday a new king will rise.

Kalos is an ancient civilization that has never failed to modernize with the times. Their traditions of beauty and chivalry, honor and bravery still hold strong to this day. The old and the new mix together in pleasant harmony, and the region profits off of innovations such as steam technology and clockwork engineering while still living under the yoke of an undying feudal system.

There are many noble houses in Kalos, most of them are weak, but a few are as powerful as the houses of other region. The divide between noble and commoner is vast beyond belief, with common serfs routinely milked for the betterment of the noble caste. Lumiose City alone has no noble house; instead, it's ruled by an elected parliament that plays steward until a prince reclaims the throne.

The people of Kalos are creative dreamers with an enduring faith in the return of their king. They are chivalrous, artistic, and honorable.

The Kalos region is analogous to Europe, with its nobility being Nordic, Celtic, or Mediterranean. Many different people have traveled to Kalos though, so the commoners and trainers are very diverse.
missing king
a prince will return
chivalry, honor
steam, clockwork
noble and serf caste
many houses


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