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The noble houses are the movers and shakers of the world. While they form only the upper crust of the population, they're highly encouraged as player characters.

The houses described below are the only houses available.

The canon spots listed below are not the only members of their houses. However, they are the members of the house's main family, making them crucial to lines of succession.

You're welcome to apply characters from branch families that have all the advantage of the main family, except that they're unlikely to ever become head of house unless a lot of dying happens.

Pokemon trainers are often in service to a noble house, a relationship that suits them both. Nobles benefit from a pokemon trainer's ability to train pokemon of different types, and the trainers benefit from the noble's influence and protection.

* denotes that the spot may begin with one extra basic stage pokemon when starting out. It may not be rare.

** denotes that the character may begin with two extra stage one pokemon when starting out. Both may be rare.
movers and shakers
encouraged for play
only 18 houses
main family limited
trainers can be affiliated
* 1 extra pokemon
** 2 extra pokemon
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HOUSE SAFFRON (PSYCHIC). The golden house, the Saffron psychics have long been the archetypal nobility.

In case you didn't know it, they're wealthy. No one has more money than the Saffron nobles, not even the merchant princes of Unova. It seems that they own everything in Kanto. Kings and queens of Saffron City, they also have branch families governing the neighboring Celadon, Vermillion, and Cerulean cities.

Most of their wealth comes simply from owning the land. The prosperous metropolitan center of Kanto pays them a generous tithe. Those that refuse must face the overwhelming strength of Saffron's nigh unmatched trainer army. In recent times, they've given little back except the (rather lazy) protection of the pokemon trainers in their employ.

An accident two years ago has left their head of house crippled and rarely lucid--a poor mental state for a psychic. The rest of the House struggles to hide her from public sight and to disguise her weakness. Since she's without heir, her three younger siblings squabble over the impending succession, not just for themselves but also for their children.

The current main family is split into three segments, each led by one of the head of house's siblings. There are numerous branch families, the most significant of them in charge of running Celadon, Vermillion, and Cerulean.
** head, f, 40+

* eldest sibling, 35+
* spouse, 30+
child, 20+

* middle sibling, 30+
* spouse, 30+
child, 15+

* youngest sibling, 30+
HOUSE FUCHSIA (POISON). The all-knowing and all-seeing, House Fuchsia nobles are unlike the others. They don't live in the limelight. In fact, they do their best to stay in the shadows, quieting protecting their city.

House Fuchsia began as nothing. They were a fallen house, doomed to fade out of existence like many others, until they fled to Fuchsia City. By deeds of honor and humility, the ninja clan there swore their loyalty. As the years passed, and the fallen house rose again anew, the ninja clan and the noble house became one and the same.

They train their own in poison, assassination, and espionage. In times of peace, they are master spies, selling secrets for a very pretty penny. They treat their people well. In fact, it's house custom that their children learn to blend in with the commoners. Often, it's hard to tell who is noble and who isn't in Fuchsia City.

They are deathly loyal to their head of house. All children are treated as part of one family, with the most talented of them rising in status to matriarchs and patriarchs. The head of house--in this case, the grandpatriarch--reigns until death and is elected by popular vote from amongst the matriarchs and patriarchs.

All existing matriarchs and patriarchs are listed to the right. Younger and/or less influential Fuchsias can be applied for freely.
** head, m, 50+

* matriarch, 40+
* patriarch, 40+
* matriarch, 30+
* patriarch, 30+
* matriarch, 20+
* patriarch koga, 20+
HOUSE LAVENDER (GHOST). A house in shambles, the Lavender nobles are well aware that their days are numbered unless they do something big--and soon.

Ten years ago, House Saffron attempted to conquer Lavender Town. They were eventually rebuffed and put to rout, but not until after the wholesale slaughter of Lavender's best and brightest. Their saving grace is the family's ghost specialty, allowing their fallen to return to battle as ghost pokemon. Even today, ghosts of the nobles wander the town, escorting the survivors and keeping the peace.

Their entire main family butchered, the branch families have gathered now to put Lavender Town back together. Their successes have been limited. They still live in reasonable comfort--nothing compared to most noble houses--but each year their wealth decreases even further.

If nothing else, House Lavender is united as one. Lead by a crone, mother, daughter trio, there is no dissent in their ranks. Loyal and supportive to each other, they are singularly dedicated to revitalizing their house and their dignity. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

House Lavender is a very small house. Besides for those listed to the right, members will be accepted on a limited basis.
** crone, f, 50+
** matron, f, 40+
* maiden, 20+

** branch head, 50+
** spouse, 45+
* child, 25+
* child, 20+

** branch head, 40+
* child, 20+

* branch head, 20+
* spouse, 20+

All Lavender nobles are *. The extra pokemon is a deceased family member.
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HOUSE BLACKTHORN (DRAGON). The oldest house with a recorded history, House Blackthorn was once all-powerful and still remains a proud and venerable clan of dragon riders.

Forever aloof from worldly affairs, they are austere, monastic, and rarely stray too far from home. When they do, it's to do battle, and the valiant Blackthorn dragon riders are heroes fit for legends. The house is fully militant, with a clear hierarchy and chain of command. Chivalry, obedience, and loyalty are highly valued.

Blackthorn is self-sufficient. The crops and produce from their small territory is enough for a humble living, though that's not enough for a noble house. They supplement their income with purchased alliances. Their dragon cavalry is the most feared in the world, and many a house will pay handsomely for an ally like them.

Their head of house recently deceased, and his young and unproven son will take his place. In the past, they have been strict but fair lords. While the Blackthorns have always been swift and merciless in quashing rebellion, they are otherwise fair if strict lords.

Besides for the new lord, no one remains of the main family. However, there are plenty of ambitious branch families.
* m, 20+
HOUSE GOLDENROD (NORMAL). The last remnants of imperial Johto, House Goldenrod still lives in the glory days of the past, and they do it with style.

House Goldenrod carries itself like royalty from a dynastic age. They are elegant and refined, practicing music, calligraphy, swordsmanship, and poetry. They throw lavish parties for every occasion: seasonal parades, lunar festivals, birthday tournaments, and many more. In Johto, they are emperors that live like deities. All this belies a house in decline.

Their house's coffers have gradually dwindled year by year, the agriculture in their land not enough to support their lifestyle. While they're nowhere near a crisis point, especially if their younger generation shies away from needless excess, their lack of military and technological expertise leaves them vulnerable.

The Goldenrod family is massive and sprawling. The other houses have been content to let Goldenrod control most of Johto, and they happily govern the region. Many of them are lazy or ineffective governors, but the rare few are truly talented leaders.

The head of house and all direct descendants are listed to the right.
** head, f, 50+
*  firstborn, 30+
second, 25+
third, 25+
fourth, 20+
fifth, 20+
HOUSE AZALEA (BUG). The kindly kings, Azalea has never been truly powerful, but no house is so kind to its people as Azalea.

Stalwart and honorable, House Azalea has long been known for being truly the noblest of houses. They keep to the old ways, acting with chivalry and eschewing modernity. The creation of the pokeball is one of their few innovations they've ever made, and even that stems from an old tradition of carving local apricorns.

They've always allowed their children to marry for love, so the noble bloodline is closely tied to the local commoners. They treat their people practically as equals and they are beloved in return. The pokeball has brought them a huge boost to their economy, but their farmlands and talented craftsmen were enough to keep then house in comfortable affluence anyway.

House Azalea's leader has outlived all her children and even her grandchildren. With no blood successor, she's selected three potential heirs. One is her nephew, another comes from a distant branch family, and the third is a bastard-born trainer. All of them are capable and worthy, in her opinion. Only one will succeed her.

The head of house and her three potential heirs are listed to the right. Azalea's branch families are numerous and extended, although they tend to live as commoners rather than as nobility.
** head, f, 90+
* main heir, 25+
* branch heir,  25+
* trainer heir,  25+
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HOUSE LAVARIDGE (FIRE). One of the most dangerous houses around, Lavaridge fiercely protects their own turf.

Eons ago, the hillsmen of Mt. Chimney were the most advanced civilization in the world. To an extent, they still are. They are dangerous, with weapons of folded steel, shamans with skill in surgery, and an unmatched knowledge of pokemon science. Their greatest secret is that they can control the eruptions of Mt. Chimney.

Lavaridge nobles are still hunter-gatherers, living off the land, but the land is generous indeed. Considered savage by many, the nobles command tribes as respected chieftains. Failures are disposed of. The Lavaridge children who are weak or unwise are thrown into Mt. Chimney; those that survive the experience are called burning souls, gods amongst men.

A functioning meritocracy, Lavaridge puts their finest in charge of Lavaridge Town, guarding Mt. Chimney. A second tier of nobles are revered chieftains of the many tribes, each one of them a natural-born leader. The rest are still fighters, shamans, and advisers that are worthy of respect and admiration.

The head of house and the chieftains of the various tribes are listed to the right.
** head, m, 30+
* spouse, 30+

* fallarbor, 25+
* rustboro, 25+
* verdanturf, 25+
* mauville, 25+
* petalburg, 25+
* oldale, 25+
* littleroot, 25+
* fortree, 25+
HOUSE SOOTOPOLIS (WATER). The secret house and a secret civilization, few know of Sootopolis' existence outside of Hoenn.

Only a myth and a rumor to the outside world, Sootopolis are the ancient guardians of the Cave of Origin. Their nobles are as mythical as their city, and legends whisper of a supreme race of beings. Known for beauty and wisdom, House Sootopolis carries itself in an air of mystery and other-worldliness.

They are the oracles of Delphi. Most Sootopolis nobles are skilled in reading visions and signs in the reflections of still water, but others read the clouds or even the passage of smoke. Yet sometimes the future is hidden. In those instances, Sootopolis value learning and reason, so their oracles almost always give good counsel.

They are an isolationist and self-sufficient house. The sea and volcanic soil provide them no lack of food. The water spiders produce quailty spidersilk for clothes and tapestries, making weaving is a popular pastime and art. House Sootopolis is often believed to be pacifistic, but they will not hesitate to take up in arms in the defense of Hoenn.

Sootopolis guards their secrets jealously, and they're not inclined to have hordes of children. Few in number, all existing Sootopolis nobles are listed to the right.
** head, m, 50+
** spouse, 50+
child, 25+
child, 20+
child, 20+
child, 15+

* branch head, 30+
* spouse, 30+
child, 15+
HOUSE EVERGRANDE (STEEL). Ever Grande is the future of Hoenn. They are the Pokemon Association in its earliest stage, and they bring with them winds of change.

Evergrande commands a force at sea that none can rival. They claim they come in peace, but they carry cannons, bombs, and swords aboard their ships. They want two things: the end of tyranny and the end of war. They want peasants and serfs freed, pokemon training institutionalized, and the power of (other) noble houses reined in.

Evergrande has done a great deal in recent years to open their territory to tourism and foreign commerce. They are clever businessmen and charismatic politicians. They have many allies and only two enemies: Lavaridge and Sootopolis. What shore cities Ever Grande controls on Hoenn mainland were won tooth and nail from Lavaridge's clutches.

One of the few tyrant houses, Evergrande collects a brutal tithe, keeping most of their people locked in servitude. Loyalty to the house is the only way to avoid hard labor and sweatshop jobs. To the outside world, the people seem happy, but Ever Grande insists on appearances so as to create a pleasant tourist and trade environment.

Evergrande is a house that has married into virtually every foreign noble house. Only the main family is listed to the right, but Evergrande has a presence in every region with many illustrious and ambitious nobles.
** head, 40+
* spouse, 40+
child, 20+
child, 20+
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HOUSE CELESTIC (DARK). Celestic's history is full of the Greats and Terribles. They have it all: the Glorious, the Builder, the Conquerer, the Bloody. There's a tyrant for everybody, and a hero too.

An old adage claims that each Celestic noble is either a hero or villain with no in-between. While there is then occasional humdrum Celestic that history forgets, the adage may as well be prophecy. These days, House Celestic is either honorable or devious, pacifistic or bloodthirsty, wise or deranged.

History favors Celestic. They discovered the other regions, they developed chivalry and justice, and they domesticated pokemon for battle before anyone else. They once controlled all of the known world. They have fallen far, but they still live in splendor. Beautiful, elegant, and erudite, Celestic forever remains a house of heroes and madmen.

Their current Champion, the head of house, challenged the late Champion to battle last year. Upon her victory, she fed her predecessor to her pokemon. She's supported by the Elite Four, trainers and nobles with absolute loyalty to the Champion. Celestic may not have the most numerous trainers in their army, but they do have many of the strongest.

The Champion and her Elite Four trainers are listed to the right. Branch families are numerous but limited in power.
** head, f, 20+

* elite four, 20+
* elite four, 20+
* elite four, 20+
* elite four, 20+
HOUSE SNOWPOINT (ICE). The Knights of Arceus, the Argent Guard, the Iceborn Wardens, the Divine Order, such names history has used to describe House Snowpoint.

House Snowpoint guards Mt. Coronet, Spear Pillar, and the Hall of Origin. The head of house, known as the Archon, is chosen for their wisdom and mercy. The rest of their family is promoted based on strength, fortitude, and faith. They value and encourage power and dedication, but in the end, there is no higher virtue than simple kindness.

The pack survives; the lone wolf dies. Snowpoint nobles are infamously capable of making whatever sacrifice necessary to protect the house. They are pressured to become perfect soldiers: athletic, intelligent, dangerous, and resolute. House Snowpoint may be ancient and wealthy, but they are neither soft nor spoiled.

Few people live on Snowpoint's lands, but those that do are loyal to them. The house is extremely frugal, but they never hesitate to invest in infrastructure: good roads, electricity, heating, and other amenities for their people. Much of their income comes from tourism, but they also trade in lumber and iron.

They elect a head of house, meaning that there is no main family. Instead, Snowpoint's sixteen strongest and most faithful nobles and trainers are listed. Each of them wields one of Arceus' plates, typically wielded as a buckler or shield.
** head, 30+

* draco, 20+
* dread, 20+
* earth, 20+
* fist, 20+
* flame, 20+
* icicle, 20+
* insect, 20+
* iron, 20+
* meadow, 20+
* mind, 20+
* pixie, 20+
* sky, 20+
* splash, 20+
* spooky, 20+
* stone, 20+
* toxic, 20+
* zap, 20+

Noble plate-bearers may also train pokemon of their plate's type.
HOUSE FLOAROMA (GRASS). The house of peace and prosperity, Floaroma is known for ending wars and promoting justice.

The truth is that Floaroma is a house of power-hungry and strategic masterminds. Intelligent and cerebral, they do not make a habit of taking unnecessary risks. They involve themselves in war only when they know they can bring about a swift victory. Mostly, they prefer playing the game of politics with false smiles and sweet lies.

Popular and well-loved, Floaroma maintains perfect publicity, providing fair rulings and regular festivals for their people. Beautiful, charitable, and empathetic, they are the model benevolent tyranny. Against other houses, they maneuver for trade and defense alliances, forging new allies and abandoning old ones depending on which way the wind blows.

Their claim to fame has always been medicine: natural herbs and aromatherapy, but also including massage, acupuncture, and meditation. They harvest rare plants, brew secret panaceas, and offer them magnanimously to their current allies. Their techniques are highly secret, and it's said that they can cure anything. If there isn't a cure, they'll find one.

The main family is listed to the right. Floaroma also has a multitude of influential branch families.
** head, f, 60+
** heir, 40+
** spouse, 40+
* grandchild, 20+
*grandchild, 15+
*grandchild, 15+
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HOUSE NIMBASA (ELECTRIC). The heart of culture in the Pokemon World, House Nimbasa is the favorite of gossip mags in any region.

Known for throwing lavish parties, House Nimbasa is the definition of excess. The world is at their fingertips, and they intend to seize it. They live like drunken gods: loving, generous, and often cringe-worthy. They do what they want when they want, and they don't really care what anyone thinks of them.

Nimbasa produces music, movies, sports, fashion, and entertainment of all sorts. It makes them a fortune, second only to House Saffron. Many consider the house weak and soft--creativity is not a great virtue in a harsh world--but they are canny businessmen (when sober) that can maneuver a political minefield as deftly as anyone else.

They have always offered itself as a home for starving artists. Many Nimbasa nobles themselves are artists, athletes, or musicians. They've made Nimbasa City a haven for celebrities. The house has no useful skills besides business management, talent spotting, and funding the right future stars.

The main family is listed to the right.
* head, 35+
* spouse, 35+
child, 20+
child, 15+
child, 15+
HOUSE MISTRALTON (FLYING). Flying pokemon wasn't enough. House Mistralton had to invent the airplane.

Dreamers and adventurers, House Mistralton has always been known as explorers. They've been archaeologists and raiders, researchers and knights errant. They were the first to map the world, and they wrote the encyclopedia of wonders centuries ago. That was the illustrious past. In short, they ran out of money.

For the last century, they were considered the pauper house, a family of unwanted vagabonds. As nobility, they were history. Ten years ago, their invention of the plane brought them near instant wealth and relevance. Now, they're living large, wasting money and throwing power around like it's going out of style.

No other house has aviation in any form. If someone wants to fly without Mistralton, they're going to need a pokemon and an HM. With their monopoly, Mistralton primarily runs zeppelins that carry cargo or passengers from region to region. They also have primitive one- or two-man bomber jets ready for war.

The Mistralton main family is listed to the right. Branch families exist all over Unova and even in other regions to oversee landings and takeoffs.
** head, 50+
** spouse, 50+
* child, 25+
child, 20+
child, 20+
HOUSE DRIFTVEIL (GROUND). When the first Driftveil journeyed west, they were nothing but a ragtag family looking to start a new life.

House Driftveil happened overtime. The first settlers into Unova, they were natural-born leaders, perfectly suited to the rugged lifestyle in pre-modern Unova, when the land was wild and ruthless. Originally frontiersmen, now they're nobility by right of conquest. They believe in liberty, independence, and often violence.

As times changed, Driftveil has always found a way to survive--and to make money. There was a time when they were the sole manufacturers of pistols and muskets. Later they become the purveyors of steam technology. Now, they're mining their land for a new commodity: oil.

Fifteen years ago, Driftveil's beloved main family were wiped out in a war with House Shalour. Since then, Driftveil has been ruled by a council formed by the heads of the four surviving branch families. The reign of the council has filled with petty grudges and political standstills, and the people grow discontent.

All four branch families are listed to the right.
* branch head, 30+
* spouse, 30+

** branch head, 40+
deceased spouse, 40+
spouse, 25+
child, 20+
child,  15+

* branch head, 25+
sibling, 20+
sibling, 20+

** branch head, 40+
* spouse, 40+
child, 20+
child,  15+
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MINOR HOUSES (VARIOUS). Kalos has many minor houses, each vying for power in the shadow of their greater houses.

Considered petty nobles, the minor houses govern only a town and its surroundings. They're more like hereditary mayors of their respective towns. Their formal titles are barons, viscounts, and marquises, in comparison to the major house's earls and dukes.

Most minor houses aren't terribly wealthy or powerful, but if bound together, they are a serious threat. Even if other nobles may look down on them, the minor houses are still considered true nobles and invited to events such as the Blackthorn Tourney.

Every minor house's head of house is listed to the right. Lumiose does not have a minor house, and obviously the major houses are not minor.
vaniville, 25+
aquacorde, 25+
santalune (bug), 25+
camphrier, 25+
cyllage, 25+
geosenge, 25+
coumarine, 25+
dendemille, 25+
anistar (psychic), 25+
couriway, 25+
snowbelle (ice), 25+
* kiloude, 25+
HOUSE LAVERRE (FAIRY). Tucked away in beautiful Laverre City, the nobles of this house are heralded by old legends.

There's something unearthly about the Laverre nobles: a silver gleam in their eyes, a shadow that sometimes moves on its own, or hair that moves in an nonexistent breeze. Local myth claims that AZ gave the family the duty to guard the tree, to await the return of the king, and even today they remain.

In more recent days, they've grown in wealth and power. Refinement and elegance are their mainstays, and even their land is cultivated for choice delicacies: vineyards for champagne, farms for artisan cheese, and hunting grounds for wild game. They live in tasteful luxury, and their nobles are well-known for acting to their whims.

There is a split within House Laverre. Some wish to remain true to their original purpose, to wait to serve the rightful king. Others have lost faith, and they wish to seize power for themselves. A house with many resources, it's an open secret that House Laverre is capable of conquering Central and Mountain Kalos if it wished.

The main family is listed to the right. There are many branch family members with great influence.
** dandelion
** spouse, 40+
* child, 25+
* child, 20+
child, 15+
child, 15+

Laverre branch family nobles are all * if they are over 25 and ** if they are over 30.
HOUSE SHALOUR (FIGHTING). The Knights of Shalour are a noble, chivalrous order that believes in fighting for truth and justice.

Originally a monastic order, House Shalour was given their seaside territory in ancient times by the king of Kalos. They only sought solitude and meditation, but when the houses started warring, Shalour never hesitated to defend their land. Their enemies soon learned that Shalour had perfected techniques in martial arts, swordsmanship, and melee combat.

House Shalour is an army, with their knightly nobles commanding their commoner soldiers. Their culture is that of the regiment, of a disciplined army. They live by a code of honor that values truth, justice, and bravery. Dishonor is punished, and chivalry is praised. Those with authority are expected to be model officers, and footsoldiers are rewarded for valor.

Battle is their claim to fame and fortune. Shalour forges weapons and armor, writes treatises in tactics and strategy, and fights wars as allies or mercenaries. Even as times change, Shalour only needs to stay relevant as the world's greatest army--however, some believe that someday there must come an end to the fighting, and then Shalour will be nothing.

The main family is listed to the right. Branch families are many.
** head, 50+
** spouse, 50+
* child, 25+
* child, 20+
HOUSE AMBRETTE (ROCK). The lost house, House Ambrette was once glorious and favored with powerful pokemon from a time long gone.

Beloved by all, no one knows why Yveltal smote the Ambrette family down one hundred years ago. The other noble houses left Ambrette Town alone in respect for the house that was, and an open port kept the town from decaying away. Lumiose City governed from afar while the people mourned.

Yet all is not lost. What Yveltal destroyed, Xerneas saved. Twin children were rescued from the ashes, and they lived and died normal lives. The bloodline continued, unnoticed, and now with one hundred years past, twin children are born again. They too might have lived a normal life, but instead they found the fossils of Ambrette's ancient pokemon, who woke upon their touch.

The bearers of fossil pokemon, revived without technology, is the hallmark of House Ambrette. The twins' existence was a secret up until a few weeks ago. Now, the people cheer that House Ambrette has returned, and the nobles of all regions are curious to see if they are predator or prey. Young, callow, and entirely unprepared, the twins will have to lean how to maneuver the labyrinthine politics of nobility.

The twins are listed to the right. There are no other members of House Ambrette. Also listed are various trainers to help the twins not crash and burn.
** m, 20+
** f, 20+

* bodyguard, 20+
* bodyguard, 20+
* adviser, 20+
* adviser, 20+

Ambrette nobles and trainers do not treat fossil pokemon as rares.
REPUBLIC OF LUMIOSE (TRAINER). There was a House Lumiose, considered the ancestral origin of Unova's House Nimbasa, but the people reclaimed the city.

Two hundred years ago, House Lumiose was the strongest house in the world. The people whispered that the king had returned in a golden generation, but the generation that followed was greedy, vain, and corrupt. The people of Lumiose City rose up against their rulers, executing every Lumiose noble they found, and established the Free City of Lumiose.

The Free City is only liberated for trainers, who are the new noble class. Noble visitors are treated as trainers officially, but in practice, they are unwelcome guests of the city. The commoners are servants and factory workers with few rights, but there's a movement to improve their working conditions and uplift their social status to something closer to equals.

Known for its high culture, Lumiose City is proof that the world doesn't need nobles to thrive. Their theaters host the finest operas and orchestras, their galleries are filled with priceless paintings and sculptures, and their runways are constantly displaying the latest fashions. The rich may get richer while the poor get poorer, but both do it with style.

The city council, as elected by the trainers of the city, are listed to the right.
** autumnal, 30+
** hybernal, 30+
** vernal, 30+
** estival, 30+
** centrico, 30+


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