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Swords and shields? Is this medieval?
For weaponry, it's Age of Exploration era, with crappy muskets and flintlocks at best. Pokemon have basically made weapons irrelevant.

What about besides weapons? Is culture medieval?
It depends on region. Sinnoh is the furthest behind at about Three Kingdoms China. Johto's barely a step up towards the latter end of the Edo period, while Kanto's just hit the Meiji Era. Hoenn is primarily Mesoamerican, existing in a non-Western timeline. Meanwhile, Kalos is in the Renaissance, and Unova is Industrial.

Should we name our characters according to region/ethnicity?

What about dual types for nobles?
If the pokemon evolves to gain the type, such as Tyranitar becoming a dark pokemon, then a Larvitar qualifies as dark. If they instead lose a type, such as Tyranitar no longer being a ground pokemon, then you can start with Larvitar, but it can't evolve past Pupitar for a ground specialist.

How big are pokemon? Anime-size? Game-dex size?
Effectively both and then some. We refer to the game's pokedex entries with the caveat that with wilder and more dangerous pokemon in our setting, pokemon are also much bigger. Instead of a 4' tall ponyta, it's probably 6' at least, easily big enough to ride.

What pokemon appear in what region?
They all appear in every region, or rares can at least be traded for or specifically bred. Yeah, this makes no sense with the game canon's regional pokedexes, but let's just say a wizard did it.

I’m no good with RL FCs!
I hate hollow-art, but you may as well start there. Insanejournal has various icon journals too, and wikicon's memories is handy if you already have an FC in mind. Few FC resources have that much for minority FCs though, but try here.

I’m no good with asian FCs!
Ask for help.

I’m no good with pokemon!
Don't worry about it. We don't use stats, and most pokemon have decent natural movesets. You can ask cbox or post in the help forum if you're really worried. In general, as long as you don't start with weedle and caterpie, you'll do alright. (Even then, Beedrill and Butterfree aren't that godawful.)

For nobles, what's the difference between main and branch family?
The branch families would be the descendants of illustrious second or third sons of the main family, cousins possibly many times removed from the head of house. They can be influential and powerful, but they're not center stage. Branch families are like the barons, earls, and even dukes to the main family's royalty.

What if I don’t want to fit in with my house?
In general, just apply a trainer that works for the house. We'll allow one black sheep per house when it comes to being a misfit, but even they're still restricted to the house's type.

If my noble marries into a different house, what type do I use?
The noble pokemon specialty is partially a house secret that's passed down, but also it's just in their blood. If a noble marries another noble and leaves their house, they still train the type they were raised to train. It doesn't change.

What if my noble leaves their house for a different reason?
Then they get one type, but it's up to you what type. If they have their new house's type rather than their birth-house, then they were never able to raise pokemon past basic form for their birth-house's type.

Is xyz character idea good?
Probably, yes. However, what's most important is that your character can be involved in the current plot. Only Kanto and Johto are playable areas right now. While other regions will be unlocked, right now you'll want to play characters that'll be able to show up to the playable regions.

How do I add music to my mini-profile?
Host your mp3 somewhere. Go edit your profile, and in your personal settings, copy and paste your hosted mp3's url as your website url.


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